Blacksburg's Workshop

3D Printer Electronics Meeting Tomorrow

Work on the 3D printer continues! We ordered the electronics last week, so hopefully they should be here by the meeting. If so, we’ll be checking them out. If not, we’ll have some more discussion on what model to build.

We decided last meeting that we’re going to build a model based on the Prusa i3 or a similar T-framed model. It may be the i3 itself or one of its derivatives, depending on what the group feels is best. We value everyone’s input, so we hope to see you there!

3D Printer Meeting Today

Work on Hacksburg’s new 3D printer continues! We don’t have much hardware at this point, so this will be more discussion about what kind of 3D printer we want to build.

Some possible models and discussion on them are available here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Meeting Changes

We’re going to be changing up our schedule a bit, starting this week. Instead of having open work sessions and business meetings on alternate weeks, we’ll be having shorter business meetings and work sessions every week. We also have been holding regular meetings of the Board of Directors, and people are allowed to attend those as well. We’ve already made changes to our Google Calendar.

Here’s how our regular schedule will work:

  • 7 PM – Board Meeting
  • 7:30 PM – Business Meeting
  • 8 PM – Work Session

Here’s our rationale for this:

  • Not many people seem interested in coming to business meetings, and that’s OK; we don’t expect everyone to be involved in every aspect of Hacksburg business. But at the same time, we need an opportunity to discuss business and allow for input. In addition, there’s usually not much on the agenda. In light of this, shortening the meetings and moving them up makes sense.
  • We’re starting to get more collaborative projects going – the recent 3D printer project is one example – and we need more time to accomodate them. This will also function as our Open Work Session for anyone not interested in the project of the week.
  • We want to make Board decisions a bit more transparent, and we’ve been wanting to do public meetings from the beginning. Before now, our meetings have been irregular and at-need, so it was hard to set a schedule around them. We hope this improves things. However, there will be times when we will need to have non-public meetings, to deal with cases where we need to deal with sensitive or legally privileged information. In addition, we ask that people not disrupt Board Meetings while they’re in progress so that we can get things done quickly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask here or let the Board know (board@hacksburg.org).

3D Printer Meeting Tomorrow

Through a fortunate turn of events, Hacksburg is building its first 3D printer! Our first meeting will be tomorrow (12/2) at 8 PM, where we’ll be discussing where to start with the 3D printer skeleton we have, and everyone is invited.

The details: We have the skeleton of an older model hobbyist 3D printer, graciously donated by Todd Fleming, which we will be using as a base or a bootstrap to make our own. It has stepper motors (and the drivers to drive them), a control board with a USB interface (albeit several generations out of date), and the hardware for the Cartesian robot, made out of steel rod and plastic lumber. It does not, however, have a hot end or an extruder (though we have some spare stepper motors lying around to help build the latter). In addition, we may want a different design than the bootstrap printer, in order to incorporate improvements made in 3D printer design over the last several years.

At the meeting, we’ll be looking at what we have on hand, what model we want to build, and how we get from what we have to what we want. We’ve looked through the RepRap wiki, and found several models we may want to consider; they’re listed on our own wiki. Please take a look at the models and comment there, or add to the list of models if you find another printer which interests you.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow!

Fall Open House

Do you like robots? How about rockets? What about simply making things? If you’re a maker, creator, or tinkerer, come check out Hacksburg at our open house on November 8th. The event runs from 1pm to 6pm, and is located at our space (2200 Kraft Dr, Suite 1475 in Blacksburg). We’ll be giving demos of various projects that we’ve been working on, and would be happy to give you the floor if you had any projects to share with attendees.