Blacksburg's Workshop

CNC Router Campaign

Our latest project needs funding! We want to build a large CNC Router (4’x4’), and we’ve launched another Indiegogo Campaign! Please, check it out and spread the word! Every bit of help we can get makes our space better, so even if you can’t contribute to the campaign, you can still help us by telling your friends, lending a hand at the space, and even becoming a member. :)

Open House

We’ll be having an open house on Sunday, June 22 from 1-7pm. There will be classes on 3D printing, soldering and how to use our equipment! Come see our robot arm and eat hot dogs!

If you’ve ever been interested in hackerspaces, DIY, or in turning your mad scientist ravings into reality, you don’t want to miss this!

Here’s our current schedule:
1 PM: Meet & Greet Board Members, 3D Printer Demo
2 PM: Learn to Solder
3 PM: CNC Router Demo, Robot Arm Unveiling and Brainstorm Session
4 PM: Learn to Solder, CNC Router Demo
5 PM: Dinner – Dogs on the Grill
6 PM: 3D Printer Demo

New Toys!

The image below is of the first confirmed instance of the Hacksburg logo in its physical form!

Hacksburg logo made manifest

It was made using Todd Fleming’s MendelMax 3d printer, which he’s graciously loaning to the space. See the wiki page for more information. We’ve also received an equally gracious loan of a ShapeOko CNC router, from Drew Laing!

Both of these items require training before use, so be careful. But if you’d like to use one or the other, don’t hesitate to ask their respective owners!

It’s really terrific to have so much community involvement and so many awesome loans and donations, and we’re extremely grateful to you all.

T-Shirts and Stickers!

Hey everyone,

We have t-shirt designs and we’re almost ready to order them. They will be $17 per shirt and printed local in Blacksburg on Gildan t-shirts. What we need is some input from you: Specifically, sizes! We’ve created a survey that can be found here. Please fill this out if you contributed to the Indiegogo campaign and are receiving a short or if you want to buy one. If you don’t, we may not order many extras and you’ll miss out on having a sweet Hacksburg t-shirt to impress friends with! We want to order these ASAP, so fill it out!

We are also pleased to announce that our bumper stickers are in, and available for $10. It looks pretty awesome on my car, and I’ll get some action shots for you later.

Meeting April 29th

A bunch of things have happened since the last post: We’re excited to announce that our new board members are Aaron Dalton and Brett Fleming!

We’ll be having our weekly meeting tonight, again in the Lakeview room. Come to the front door and we’ll let you in.

Check out the agenda here

If you didn’t catch it earlier, we’re currently able to give members 24-hour access to the space, and to the building, so bring your Hokie Passport if you have it! (If you don’t have one, we’ll email the CRC and get you a card from them). Those of you who needed to be added to the building access list should have been by now, but we haven’t picked up new cards yet.