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Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello everyone! I wanted to bring you all up to speed with what was going on with our crowdfunding campaign.

We started this campaign late Monday. By the end of Tuesday, we had met our goal. Yesterday, we reached 150% of that goal. As of a few minutes ago, we have raised almost $3600. That’s incredible, and we have you and the rest of the community to thank for it. Thank you so much!

As mentioned in previous campaign updates, we’ve encountered a hiccup in the campaign. Due to miscommunications between us and our insurance broker, we’ve found out that our insurance will cost significantly more than what we were previously quoted. At the moment, we’re still trying to ascertain how much more it will be. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we’ll let you all know.

However, we’re confident that we’ll be able to cover our startup costs with what we have currently funded. Every dollar we raise will help us achieve our goals, so if you haven’t donated yet, consider donating at http://campaign.hacksburg.org/, or tell your friends about the campaign!

Thank you, once again, for everything that you’ve done.