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Post-Indiegogo Update

Hi everyone! Here’s what’s going on:

If you hadn’t heard, we raised over $4300 in our Indiegogo campaign! This was way more than we ever expected, and we’ll be putting this money to good use. Thanks to all of the people that made this wonderful result happen!

Yesterday, we finally got a quote for an insurance policy from our broker that covers what we need it to cover. The new insurance price is slightly more than what we originally estimated at the start of the campaign, but a good deal less than the $2000 figure we were worried about. We’ll be submitting the application for that policy next week. We’ve also signed a lease for the space, and paid the security deposit and first month’s rent. Once we get the insurance policy and finish a few other things, the space will be ours!

Even with this good news, our original plans need altering. We were expecting to have an insurance quote much sooner than this so we could get the rest of our ducks in a row and have the space ready for move-in on March 1. As it stands, we can’t open the space tomorrow, so we’re pushing back our move-in date. We still expect to do it in March; however, over the next two weeks, many people here will be busy with Spring Break and the inevitable tests and projects that get assigned beforehand. As such, we plan to hold move-in during the second half of March. We’ll post more details about the event as we work them out.

Thank you all so much for being patient with us as we work through all of this. It’s been a rocky road, but we’re approaching the end of this leg of our journey with increasing rapidity, and I think people will like where we’re going when we get there.