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Update on Insurance, IGG Perks, Dues, and Opening Days

Greetings, everyone! Several things have happened since our last update, and we wanted to share them with you. This is a bit of a long post. TL;DR: We’ve filed our insurance paperwork, we’ve set an opening date, and we’ve fixed membership dues. Also, some Indiegogo perks will happen soon. For more details, read on!

First, we’ve completed our insurance paperwork, and sent it on to our broker. There were things we had to do for the insurance application that we had to do anyway, like coming up with a written safety policy. Other things caused vigorous discussions among us, like what exactly actuaries mean when they say “chemical”. In any case, it’s filed, and we should hear from them soon.

The (hopefully!) last thing to be done before starting operations is getting a business license from the Town of Blacksburg. We anticipate for this to be a much faster process than getting insurance; I should be filing paperwork for that today, and they should get back to us next week

Since this required us to make an estimate of our gross receipts – which will mostly come from dues – we needed to fix our starting membership dues. Here’s the dues structure we’ve come up with:

  • 1 year: $300 ($25/month)
  • 6 months: $180 ($30/month)
  • 3 months: $120 ($40/month)
  • 1 month: $50 ($50/month)
  • 5 days (can be non-consecutive): $25 ($150/month)

Indiegogo backers who are entitled to a free month’s membership will receive that free month in our first full month of operations. Currently, this is slated to be April.

With things quickly coalescing, we feel confident enough to set some dates for future events. While things could happen to change these dates, here are our current plans:

  • On Saturday, March 22nd, from 11 AM to 7 PM, we plan to host a “soft opening” in order to paint over the scuff marks and move furniture and equipment into the space. We’ll have the space unlocked during this; if you have large equipment to bring, that would be the best time. Help in getting the space together will be appreciated; for one, there will be free food!
  • Next will be our grand opening of the space on Sunday, March 30th, from 1-4 PM. While we can’t promise that giant ribbons and scissors will be involved, this will be our official opening to the public! Indiegogo backers entitled to a handprint on our wall will be able to put one on then. And, of course, there will be free food. :-)

This is going to be a lightning-fast few weeks, but once it’s done, we’ll be open to the public and we can get on with making things! We hope you’re as excited as we are. We’ll be glad to answer questions that people have; otherwise, we hope to see you soon