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Board Member Elections

As mentioned at the meeting last night, we need to elect two new members of the board of directors as soon as possible. Those elections will take place in two weeks, at 20:00 on Tuesday, April 15, at our weekly meeting at 2200 Kraft Drive. All members who have paid at least a month’s worth of dues are eligible to vote (including those of you who paid for a month on Indiegogo).

Membership on the board is a very involved process; we don’t have ‘employees’, so board members are responsible for ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed. So far, that’s mostly meant doing them ourselves. We’ll also have officer elections in about a month, so that will probably change a little bit, but for now, board members should expect to be very involved in the nitty-gritty details as well as broad directional questions.

Please respond to the google group message with your nominations! (board members must be full members, but membership can be acquired on the event of your election)

See the bylaws on the wiki for more information.

See you then!