Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Open House

We’ll be having an open house on Sunday, June 22 from 1-7pm. There will be classes on 3D printing, soldering and how to use our equipment! Come see our robot arm and eat hot dogs!

If you’ve ever been interested in hackerspaces, DIY, or in turning your mad scientist ravings into reality, you don’t want to miss this!

Here’s our current schedule:
1 PM: Meet & Greet Board Members, 3D Printer Demo
2 PM: Learn to Solder
3 PM: CNC Router Demo, Robot Arm Unveiling and Brainstorm Session
4 PM: Learn to Solder, CNC Router Demo
5 PM: Dinner – Dogs on the Grill
6 PM: 3D Printer Demo