Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm

3D Printer Meeting Tomorrow

Through a fortunate turn of events, Hacksburg is building its first 3D printer! Our first meeting will be tomorrow (12/2) at 8 PM, where we’ll be discussing where to start with the 3D printer skeleton we have, and everyone is invited.

The details: We have the skeleton of an older model hobbyist 3D printer, graciously donated by Todd Fleming, which we will be using as a base or a bootstrap to make our own. It has stepper motors (and the drivers to drive them), a control board with a USB interface (albeit several generations out of date), and the hardware for the Cartesian robot, made out of steel rod and plastic lumber. It does not, however, have a hot end or an extruder (though we have some spare stepper motors lying around to help build the latter). In addition, we may want a different design than the bootstrap printer, in order to incorporate improvements made in 3D printer design over the last several years.

At the meeting, we’ll be looking at what we have on hand, what model we want to build, and how we get from what we have to what we want. We’ve looked through the RepRap wiki, and found several models we may want to consider; they’re listed on our own wiki. Please take a look at the models and comment there, or add to the list of models if you find another printer which interests you.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow!