Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Shifting Gears

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been thinking about changing the way we approach building a 3D printer. It seems that our Prusa i3 build has become bogged down, and interest seems to have waned a bit since we started. At the same time, we realize that building and configuring a 3D printer now will let people gain more experience with building 3D printers – which will be a plus when building the Prusa – as well as get a 3D printer in the space so people can build stuff. After consulting with members at the business meetings, we’ve decided to put the Prusa project on hold in favor of building the Printrbot Simple Maker’s Kit. Building from a kit will be simpler, cheaper, and easier, and it will give us experience in building and tuning a 3D printer. The downside is that the Printrbot’s build volume is smaller – about 64 cubic inches – and there’s no heated bed included (though we could add one later). To be clear, we’re still intending on building a Prusa i3 (or some better model) in the future. However, we’re planning on building the Printrbot first. The Prusa will be built as a second, probably better 3D printer once we feel we’ve brought the first one up to spec.

While the Printrbot is very cheap as 3D printers go, unfortunately it is still a bit expensive, and we could use people’s help in purchasing one for the space. Anyone who wishes to help should contact the Board of Directors (board at hacksburg dot org).

Also, I am happy to announce another project, working in parallel to the 3D printer project. After our booth at last year’s Solstice Fest was such a big hit, we want to really impress people this year, and this new project is about making a booth to do just that. Right now, ideas for it are open-ended, but we compiled a list of what we brainstormed last week. If you’re interested in doing stuff like this, come on down to the meeting on Tuesday!