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Board Member Elections Today

This is a reminder that Hacksburg will be having elections tonight, May 26th, at 8 PM to replace Ben Weinstein-Raun on the Board of Directors.

Currently, the following candidates have been nominated:

  • Nicole Schwartz
  • Karl Bitikofer (tentative)

Nominations may be made by emailing Andrew Mike (andrew at hacksburg dot org). You may nominate yourself, if you wish. Nominees to the Board must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be full members of Hacksburg in good standing (or be prepared to acheive full membership).
  • They must positively confirm that they want to be a nominee (no drafting people!).

In contrast to Board positions in most businesses, the Board of Directors of Hacksburg takes a significantly more hands-on approach to Hacksburg’s operations. We on the board put in an average of 5-10 hours per week on Hacksburg-related business. This includes posts to Hacksburg’s social media outlets, maintenance of Hacksburg’s online presence, discussion and planning of events, helping out at events, and fulfilling various administrative tasks. It’s a demanding job, but a rewarding one as well. We hope you’ll join us.