Blacksburg's Workshop
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Bike Update Part Deaux

As an update to our bike generator, yours truly has been working on displaying energy generated by the bike and used by the battery. I’m writing python code to be run on a Raspberry Pi. The Pi is on a board that some neat Hacksburg members made:

Bike Board

I’m still working on that piece of code, and then we need to feed my code the readings the Pi will get.

You’ll be able to see it at it’s full glory at our table in Downtown Blacksburg at Summer Solstice Fest on Saturday June 20, 2015, 1pm- 11:30pm! If you can’t wait until then, we’ve got a meeting tomorrow at 7:30, where we’ll be working on the bike and more. Check our wiki for the agenda, up shortly!

One last thing - we still need volunteers for our booth at Summer Solstice Fest. If you can help out, even for a little bit, sign up at our doodle. If you volunteer for 5 hours or more, we’ll throw in a 5-day pass for your troubles. Also, you can ride our sweet bike-generator-to-be all day long. ;)