Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Project Updates

I wanted to let you all know some projects that are happening in / for the space and ideas we are kicking around.

A camera!
Thanks to Kurt - here is what he had to say:

Live from Hacksburg

This week, Hacksburg added a live video feed overlooking our work space in the CRC. To view the feed, visit the front page of our wiki, http://wiki.hacksburg.org/. The system consists of a USB webcam, a powered USB hub and a Raspberry Pi Model B+. A USB hub is used to provide the option for additional high current USB devices, as the Raspberry Pi has a 600 mA limit by default. The open source software package, 'mjpg-streamer', provides a low latency video stream with adjustable frame rate and resolution (an important feature when running on a device with limited computing power!). At present the feed refreshes three times per second at a resolution of 640x480 using approximately 35% of the Pi’s computing power.

I moved my sewing machine into the space - picked up some cool fabrics - and have started marking skirts. It seems I will need to grab an iron as well! maybe a mini ironing board. But it’s better than trying to work on it at home.

Domain registrar change!
We are migrating to a new registrar, as they allow multiple people to manage a domain – if the site gets flaky temporarily, don’t worry; we will be back!

Online payment options!
We have set up a donate button on the bottom of the sidebar (right hand side) if you want to donate we’d certainly appreciate it and use it to help keep the space running and try to get more things! For example, there is an arc welder going for auction on Saturday. [We didn’t get it, sadly. -AM]

Also, you can now sign up for recurring PayPal payments for your membership dues! Click on Join Hacksburg in the top bar for more info. You’ll probably also want to read this.

We are looking to build, or buy at auction, some shelves to help clean up the space. Either way, estimates range between $100-250 depending how we construct them (thanks to Mike for figuring out costs!) out of 2x4 and plywood sheets.

So, a lot going on, and that doesn’t even include our upcoming homebrewing class or beverage cooling competition! The Board is working tirelessly to help the space be better. If you have any thoughts, let us know by clicking the email link above!