Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Noke Codes

We wanted to share the following event with everyone - it is a chance to help worthwhile causes, meet new people, and try to stretch your technical skills and expertise into new areas.

They are looking for all kinds of folks as the projects are varied and need a lot of different things - So even if you aren’t a coder you could help scope, test, and more!

Noke Codes Is Just One Month Away!

Noke Codes is a civic-minded technology project aimed at promoting the talented community of coders and developers in the Roanoke Valley. Its goals are to improve our community by enabling high-impact organizations with great tools to increase their capacity, build community around local technical talent, and have a weekend full of community service and fun. You can read more about these organizations and the need they have here.

The project is looking for teams of developers to take on projects, starting weeks before the event and culminating with a 24-hour coding binge on August 14-15 at the Grandin CoLab.

Additionally, the project is seeking groups or individuals interested in providing approximately 1-hour tutorials for participating non-profits on the following subjects: social media engagement, photoshop (and equivalents), email campaign management, website design, etc.

For more details, visit www.nokecodes.org.

To register click here

Pizza Pregame

July 30th, 6 pm

As the event nears, we want to meet those of you that are interested in participating and share more about what you can expect. With this goal, we will be having a free pizza party meetup to familiarize our programmers and other volunteers with what to expect. No commitment necessary. Just show up and learn more! What is Noke Codes going to include?

However, we have many others things going on during the event. These include, but are not limited to: -basic technology seminars for nonprofits -a class on coding for young people -many other fun small interventions

And it all ends with a big party to which everyone in the community is invited!