Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm


We ran a survey last month on equipment people would like to see at the space in order decide to join.

The most common replies were:

  • table saw
  • lathe
  • laser cutter

If you were wondering in general the requests were woodworking and large machienery. (Dremel, hand held orbital or belt sander, assorted C-clamps including 6”+, file for sharpening wood chisels or sharpening stones, compound slide miter saw, scroll saw, carpenter’s pencil, router, radial arm saw, thickness planer, jointer, CNC equipment, welding equipment, a High end 3D Printer)

Can you help?

Do you have equipment you aren’t using you can lend us? Or gift us? Can you keep an eye out on craigslist, ebay, garage sales, auctions etc for cheap items you can alert us to? Could you donate some money (see link on the right) to help us fund equipment purchases?

Thanks in advance for sharing this around and helping us improve our space!