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Writeup: 3D Printing Class

Last week, I put on a 3D printing class. Things went fairly well. We had 5 people attending in total. I started out with a quick presentation about what a 3D printer is, different types of 3D printer, different types of plastic filament, and the workflow involved in using a standard FDM 3D printer like ours.

From there, we went to more practical work. We downloaded a few models from Thingiverse, and got to printing.

One of the class attendees, Zephyr, wanted to print a keychain depicting a flux capacitor from Back to the Future. Unfortunately, it needed some scaling to print off in time:

After getting it to a decent size, it started printing:

It finished some 10 minutes later, and though not useable as a keychain, it still looked cool:

And thus ended another class at Hacksburg. We’ll be holding more throughout the year; check this blog or our calendar to the right for more learning opportunities!