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A New Chapter

On March 23rd, 2016, exactly two and a half years after its establishment, the IRS determined that Hacksburg is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tonight, Hacksburg’s Board of Directors received a letter from the IRS documenting that fact. This means that donations made to Hacksburg will be tax-deductible from this point forward.

This is a huge step for us. We always intended to run Hacksburg as a nonprofit organization in service to the community, and our achieving tax-exempt status aligns us further with that goal. In addition, it opens up funding doorways that will allow Hacksburg to continue serving Blacksburg and the New River Valley for years to come.

The effort to get us here was neither quick nor trivial. The letter we received tonight was the product of a year’s work by several people spending long hours to ensure that our application to the IRS would be well-received. Taking point on this effort was our Board’s Chair, Jenn McGuire, who compiled the application while the rest of the Board finagled financial statements and verbiage. We would also like to thank Laurie Kelly for her legal assistance in making sure the application would pass muster with the IRS.

As the next chapter in Hacksburg’s story begins, we’d also like to thank those who believed in us and helped us get to this point – all of our former Board members (Ben Weinstein-Raun, Aaron Dalton, Brett Fleming), Kiki Schirr for her marketing assistance and Indiegogo wrangling, our Indiegogo backers, Joe Meredith and the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, and anyone who’s held a membership, taken a class, or come to visit. Without your support, we would have never have gotten here, and we will never forget it.