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Google Apps Switchover

With our nonprofit status, we have access to services that would otherwise be unavailable to us. One of our initial backers, Ron Jarrell, pointed out that Google offers a special Google Apps domain for nonprofits, and offered to help us set it up. We took him up on his generous offer, and the domain went live this week. There’s not much there yet – mostly just a few administrative things – but in the near future, we will be moving Hacksburg assets that currently live on private Google accounts to our Google Apps instance.

First among these services is our email system, which will begin its transition this afternoon. During this time, email sent to Hacksburg may be delayed or bounced as our new DNS records propagate. This should be sorted out by Monday. Further down the road, after other services get moved, we may start offering accounts to select members.

Since the founding of the space, we have, to some degree, depended on Google’s services for a good portion of our infrastructure. With this move, we hope to secure and better integrate that infrastructure for the years to come.

Reminder: The space will be closed to members and the public tomorrow, August 20, from 2-6 PM for a private event. Nobody will be admitted except event attendees.