Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Meeting Tomorrow and New Calendar

Hello everyone!

We’re having a general meeting tomorrow at 7:30 PM at the space. The agenda is here. As always, we’ll also be talking about what we’ve worked on the past week, so feel free to bring your projects (or pics thereof) for show-and-tell. After the meeting, we will, as usual, have our open work session, where you can get help with a project you’re roadblocked on or hang out with like-minded makers.

On another note, the move to Google Apps email has gone smoothly, and email should be working again. We’ve also moved over the calendar in the sidebar to Google Apps. The old calendar at hacksburg@gmail.com will probably not be updated in the future; if you want to keep abreast of events at Hacksburg, you’ll need to subscribe to the new calendar by clicking the button in the sidebar widget.

We’ll see you at the meeting!