Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm

About Hacksburg Video

Here is a little video about Hacksburg

Hacksburg is Blacksburg’s first hackerspace. A hackerspace is just your dream garage, at a fraction of the cost, and full of smart people.

We meet every Tuesday at 7:30 PM in our space. Feel free to come by for a tour! This meeting is open-to-the-public and followed by an open-to-the-public work session starting at the end of the meeting to whenever the last member leaves.

Our space is located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, and we wouldn’t exist in our current form without their support. 2200 Kraft Drive, Suite 1475, Blacksburg, VA

Join Memberships are $40.00/month - discounts available


Hacksburg is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Started in 2014, we’re a community workshop focused on enabling members of the Blacksburg community to complete projects that would otherwise be out of reach. Whether you need equipment, mentorship, or just some help, Hacksburg is meant to be a useful resource for building anything from rockets to robots to rocking chairs.