Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Some Important Information

Hello, all. I wanted to go over a couple of things today:

  • Nicole Schwartz has announced her resignation from Hacksburg’s Board of Directors, effective on January 1, 2017. In addition, I plan to step down from the Board of Directors when I move away from Blacksburg sometime in early 2017. As such, there will be elections to add two new people to our Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting on November 15. Directorship is open to those people meeting the requirements of Article IV, Sections 2 and 5 of our Bylaws. Nominations are open to members through the time of the election; to nominate someone, including yourself, please send my an email at andrew at hacksburg dot org.
  • Several days ago, a large quantity of equipment was left at our doorstep, along with a piece of paper reading “Donation!” on it. While some of the equipment was indeed useful, and we welcome equipment donations, this is not the way to do it. With any donation, the Board needs to communicate with the donator so that we can ensure that the donation is authorized and that we have space to store the equipment. The latter is especially true, given that space is starting to become an issue in the space. In the future, if you have a large box of donations, please email the Board at board at hacksburg dot org.

Thanks for reading.