Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm


Hello, all. A few things before everyone heads out for Thanksgiving:

  • I’d like to welcome Brent Michalowski and Will Tilson to Hacksburg’s Board of Directors, who were elected at last week’s annual meeting to replace Nicole and I when we eventually step down (Nicole on January 1, me in Q1). They both have been instrumental in bringing new tools and equipment to the space – the CNC mill, the lathe, and two metalworking rigs – and both have a lot of passion and dedication to the space and making itself. So, the next time you see them, congratulate them!
  • In light of this week’s Thanksgiving holiday, there will be no meeting tomorrow, November 22. The space will still be open to members.
  • In the next few weeks, the wiki may experience some outages as I upgrade the server to containerize the web apps we currently have and make future expansion easier.
  • This is a reminder that this week is the last week to sign up for our drone class if you want to build a drone. The deadline is this Saturday (November 26), and you can buy tickets here. After Saturday, you can still buy tickets for the class, but you won’t be able to build the drone unless you buy the kit yourself. Our Facebook page for the event is here

Thanks for reading.