Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Making Connections

Hello, all! You may have noticed a few changes around the website. We’ve consolidated our social media contacts into a new sidebar widget on the right. We hope this makes it easier to find a place to contact us.

You may also notice a new icon there for email. In the past, we’ve had a Google group for people to come and chat. The first iteration never worked out; little discussion took place, and the biggest poster was my automated blog scraper. Since it wasn’t getting much use, we deactivated the old site, and moved on to other social media. But that other social media wasn’t very satisfying to anyone, and they didn’t solve the use cases of our members and the rest of the community.

So we decided to make a new discussion list at our Google Apps instance. The blog scraper won’t be making a reappearance – though we may post about events from time to time – and we hope to facilitate interesting discussion. The list is free for anyone to join; see the page for more details.

Thanks for reading.