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Wand Contest Winners

As an update to Magic Wand Contest

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Here are the winners

Ollivander’s Own – Best In Show. #10 dragon 3d printed (6,9 runners up) Ollivander Wizarding Workmanship – The wand that required the most technical skill to make. #4 CNC’d 3-in-1 (10,7 runners up) Workmanship Salvage Sorcerer – Best wand completely made out of salvaged materials. #14 futuristic wand made of vaccume parts (second and third in tie 11 & 12) Salvage Slipshod Spellcaster – Best unusual or unorthodox wand. #16 Chocolate bacon wand (15, 11 runners up) Slipshod Maleficent Mage – Most foreboding or evil wand #9 (13,6 runners up) Maleficent Crowd favorite #2 unearthly glow in the dark Crowd