Blacksburg's Workshop
Meetings Tuesday at 7:30 pm (Virtual Meeting Link)

3D Printing — Online


Hacksburg will be holding our 3D printing class on Sunday, June 21 from 1:00PM-4:00PM. In this class, attendees will learn 3D printing methods and how to print parts successfully on the Hacksburg 3D printer. Even if you’ve used the Hacksburg 3D printer before, this class will go over recent modifications to the printer which improve reliability and print quality.

This class will not be held in person to encourage social distancing related to COVID-19. The class will be held using Jitsi Meet.

Please RSVP if you’re planning on attending by sending an email to rsvp@hacksburg.org. The stream will be available at the URL listed below.

Time: June 21 from 1:00 to 4:00PM

Location: Online. The class instructor will not be at Hacksburg.

URL: https://meet.hacksburg.org/class

Cost: Free for members; $5 for non-members. Payment online can be done at https://paypal.me/hacksburg. Physical payment from non-members will be collected eventually on the honor system.

RSVP: RSVP by emailing rsvp@hacksburg.org.