Blacksburg's Workshop

Joining Hacksburg

So you've decided to join Hacksburg. Great! First, we suggest you look at this wiki article. If you've already done this, then good on you! You can pay your membership fee using the buttons below.

Paying with Memberships via PayPal

The buttons below will help you set up a PayPal subscription for membership. The subscriptions will debit the amount shown from your account every membership term until you unsubscribe using the Unsubscribe button below. You may unsubscribe at any time, at which point your membership will be active until the end of your current membership term.

These buttons do not cover memberships at student rates. If you are a student and wish to join at student rates, please contact the Board at board at hacksburg dot org to set it up.

Membership Term Cost
1 month $40.00
3 months $108.00
6 months $204.00
1 year $384.00

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